2017 Super Bowl Squares

Elzinga & Volkers Contruction Brings You 2017 Super Bowl Squares!

How it works:
Locate your company’s name on the chart. Follow the row and column up to the corresponding numbers located on the top and left side of the grid. These numbers represent the last digit of the possible score of each team in the game. If your digits match the last number of the score at the end of that quarter, you win! Follow us during the game for real-time updates.

The winner for each quarter will receive $1,000.00; for trade contractors - half will be in the form of a gift certificate to be used at Agile Safety and half will be given in the winner’s name to the ASAM Scholarship Fund. For non trade contracting companies, the entire $1,000.00 will be given in the company name to the ASAM Scholarship Fund.


Click here to download your Super Bowl Squares game board

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