Firestopping Expertise Details

Managing a complex network of fire rated walls, ductwork, cables, pipes and wires above the ceiling in your facility can be a never ending task.  The experts on the Elzinga & Volkers Firestopping team can assit your facility with your firestopping and life safety management needs from minor repairs to complete Building Penetration Systems Management Programs.   Our specially trained technicians use a unique tagging and tracking system to organize and track every penentration and firestopping system in your facility.  Building Inspectors, Fire Marshals and Accreditation Surveyors in your facility will appreciate the neat, professional manner in which the applications are addressed and the organized quick reference materials that will be provided as part of our services. 




Elzinga and Volkers can make the complex and duanting task of above ceiling firestopping simple and manageable while helping set a new standard for firestopping in your facility!

Client Testimonial

"We just completed an unscheduled walk through of our project with {an inspector} from the state Fire Marshal’s office.  During this walk through I couldn't help but be impressed by how the Elzinga & Volkers team members presented the project and how well prepared our site was for the inspector's impromptu visit.  After completing his tour and finding zero deficiencies he mentioned to me how fortunate we were to have a construction partner like Elzinga & Volkers.  This is high praise from someone whose job is to find issues."

Facilities Director -  200 Bed West MI Hospital

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