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Project Details

Acute Care Renovation

12,000 Square Foot Addition

20,000 Square Feet of Renovations

Estimated Completion in 2012


Project Team

Owner:  Holland Hospital

Design Team:  Matthei & Colin Associates

Unique Challenges Solutions
Site Elevation

Holland Hospital's lower level is located below the water table so an extensive dewatering process and the installation of a permanent under-drain and sump system were put into place along with extensive waterproofing procedures.

Construction Adjacent to Acute Care Spaces

Sound proofing controlled noise and vibration through creative construction techniques.  Work was coordinated with surgery schedules and off-hours scheduling preveneted disruption during critical procedures.

Project Overview

As Holland Hospital continues to grow, Elzinga & Volkers has partnered with them to provide additional as well as renovated spaces.  The Surgical Department project included a 12,000SF addition which enhances the space with three state-of-the-art operating rooms, clean storage, a new on-call suite and an expanded mechanical penthouse.  Also, we performed 20,000SF of renovations to completely rebuild the prep/hold and PACU areas as well as the waiting room, office spaces and satellite pharmacy. 


Construction began in August of 2010.  As in most acute care environments, it was critical for the hospital facilities to remain in operation during construction.  However, in addition Elzinga & Volkers had the unique challenge of performing construction services while adjacent areas were being used for critical procedures such as brain surgery.  This made it imperative to keep fumes and dust completely contained and noise/vibration levels low.   A closely managed sub- phase of the project was devoted to stripping down an existing OR and storage room and rebuilding it into a state-of-the-art Operating Room for Holland Hospital’s da Vinci robot.  During what typically would have been a loud and dusty demolition our team kept construction dust and materials contained and maintained a high level of infection control.  Additional steps taken by the Elzinga & Volkers team to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff included sound proofing to control noise and vibration.  Also, our team worked off-hours to coordinate construction with the hospital’s surgery schedule.  This project was completed without reducing the surgical capacity of the hospital. 


Since Holland Hospital’s lower level is located below the water table, special measures needed to be taken before construction could begin.  Our team used an extensive dewatering process while they installed the permanent under-drain and sump system.   Complete waterproofing was also executed and inspected by a third party expert.  


No detail was spared in this project and high quality finishes can be found throughout the space.  From extensive bulkheads to cove lighting, skylights, and solid surface wall covering this state-of-the-art space is both stunning and technologically advanced.

Project Awards and Recognition

This project is currently under construction.




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