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Project Details

Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging, Women’s Clinic and Main Lobby

Reconfigurations of the main hospital drive-up canopy and ED walk-in entrance

7,000SF Addition

13,000SF Renovations

$6,500,000 Project Cost

Estimated completion in 2013

Project Team

Owner:  Spectrum Health United Hospital

Design Team:  Davis Partnership Architects 

Unique Challenges Solutions
Connecting Existing Construction with New Construction

Building systems from as early as the 1960’s were upgraded and connected into the new facility.  Also, new construction complements existing facility elements while giving a modern look.

Working Adjacent to Existing ER

Elzinga & Volkers controlled noise and vibration through creative construction techniques.  Off- hours scheduling prevented disruption during peak ER hours.

Project Budget

Careful management and planning of budget through preconstruction allowed for maximization of wish list in the final product.

Project Overview

Spectrum Health United Hospital in Greenville, MI has been experiencing significant growth in volumes and services, and the facility has shifted from an inpatient care focus to an outpatient care focus due to new technology and advanced medical techniques.  Currently, 70 percent of services are performed on an outpatient basis. 


The hospital’s emergency department visits have more than doubled since 2005, creating a need for an expanded and renovated emergency department.  The existing emergency department was designed for 8,000 visitors per year.  The new emergency department has the capacity for well over 30,000 visitors per year.

Elzinga & Volkers began work with the United Hospital team in 2010, providing preconstruction consulting and construction estimating.  The project required detailed estimating and budget presentation so that the United Hospital finance team could create and present the project’s pro forma to various levels of managerial approval.  The project’s complex phasing plan was established early on in the project so that staff relocation and temporary services could be properly planned for and estimated into the overall budget.


The project started in the fall of 2011 with a 7,000 SF building addition that now houses almost three quarters of what will be the final emergency department.  Crews worked diligently to enclose the building before the impending winter.  This addition was designed to operate independently of the existing emergency room while that area is being renovated.  Elzinga & Volkers worked hand-in-hand with the hospital staff to plan for temporary nursing support areas, create fire and noise barriers between the areas of construction, and carefully plan the re-routing of patients, staff, and visitors.  In June of 2012, the emergency department was relocated in the addition without any disruption to patient care.  


Unique design features include sliding glass exam room doors and skylights at nurse stations.  The emergency entrance was designed to accommodate multiple emergency vehicles at one time.  Also, the light tower serves as a beacon to guide visitors to care.


Future phases of the project will bring a new lobby and drive-up canopy online as well as expand and update diagnostic imaging services including Digital Mammography, CT, X-ray and Fluoroscopy.  The overall project is on track for completion in spring of 2013.

Project Awards and Recognition

This project is currently under construction.

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